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Getting a loan or a mortgage is necessary. But when you face a financial setback, these debts can become overwhelming. Contact The Law Offices of Eugene D. Roth in Manasquan, NJ for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (equivalent to Chapter 11) bankruptcy services.

When you approach our knowledgeable staff, you'll always get the best customer service. Many attorneys don't do litigation and shy away from contested cases. Unlike them, we will help you with contested matters and litigations connected to consumer bankruptcy. Bankruptcy cases are mainly form oriented otherwise.

Meet our compassionate and professional staff at The Law Offices of Eugene D. Roth.

Handle Your Financial Crunch Easily With Our Consumer Bankruptcy Services

Since we established our family-owned and -operated private practice in 1991, we have helped several individuals successfully file for bankruptcy. You can approach us for all your bankruptcy needs, ranging from routine cases to complex reorganization. We also guide you with tax restructuring, which is beyond the typical protocol.

The main reason why you're filing for bankruptcy is because of a financial crunch. To help you in this situation, we provide payment plans for the services that we provide.

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