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There are times when you find that your financial situation is less than ideal to repay your mortgage loans. Contact The Law Offices of Eugene D. Roth in Manasquan, NJ in such times for dependable mortgage loan modification services.

You might hear that it is possible to modify your loan terms by yourself. But there are tiny details that need to be handled right so that you're benefited. Instead of approaching this yourself, let our attorneys use their 30 years of experience to handle this in an interdisciplinary way. That way, you won't have to go to separate firms if you have multiple issues with your loan.

You can also get extended hours, night, and Saturday consultations with our attorneys via an appointment.

You Can Easily Restructure Your Mortgage With Our Services

  • Foreclosure loss mediation through bankruptcy

  • Program through chancery department of NJ courts in the area where property is located

  • Loan modification in conjunction with bankruptcy

  • Modifications directly with the lender or through the state court for foreclosure mediations

The best part about our services is that we also provide flexible payment plans based on your convenience. Contact our locally owned and operated office today to learn more.

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